Let us guide you to a healthier life.

We specialize in healing, recovery, and new beginnings.

The Village of Hope is an organization for alcohol and drug awareness, founded in memory of Tracy Deon Hairston. We are one of Virginia’s trusted foundations, providing communities and individuals with support, advocacy, and education.

100% Support

We provide peer support system to promote a positive culture of recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse.

Raise Awareness

We aim to raise awareness and reduce the stigma that prevents people from getting the help they need.

Share Knowledge

We aim to share all the knowledge that we have to the community, including how to prevent drug and alcohol addiction.

Alcohol and drug addiction can happen to anyone. But with enough education, support, and awareness, we can help people recover.

Let us assist you in finding and sustaining recovery.

The Village of Hope offers few recovery programs for individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. We rely on donations, fundraising, and grants to provide our programs to those in need. We aim to help people move forward and have healthier lives.

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