About Us

Together We Can

Introducing the Tracy Deon Hairston Foundation Village of Hope.

A legal charity founded in memory of Tracy and committed to serving those suffering from the effects of alcohol and drug addiction.

Founded by a brother. In memory of a brother.

Tracy Deon Hairston was lost to his brother Terry and his family on August 8, 2020. Tracy was 50 years old: he was a committed brother, an amazing son, a loving father and extraordinary grandfather. Many in the community wish they could have saved Tracy from his illness. As his brother, I wish I could have saved him in his bale, along with other family members and friends that have baled substance abuse. We all wanted to do more, but none of us were able to accomplish this at the me.

But together, we are no longer powerless. We believe we can save others and Tracy would be proud. This is what he would have wanted. He would be ecstatic for this foundation and those involved in this creation. His energy pushes us forward daily.


Created with love and compassion.

The Tracy Deon Hairston Foundation Village of Hope is our way of honoring Tracy and others just like him.

As a young man, I witnessed the loss of relatives and friends due to addiction. It was crushing to watch community destroyed by one of America’s most prevalent and destructive diseases. As a kid this influenced me and planted a seed of hope. I didn’t have the answers then, but I knew I was called. Someone had to do something. This is that something.

I am a world champion bodybuilder, an IFBB PRO and Mr. America, 1995.

In many ways, bodybuilding saved me from being just another victim. It kept me off the streets, away from bad influences and allowed me to focus on something positive. I have worked with some of the best in the industry and have helped many athletes jump start their career professionally. My coaching philosophy is, consistent hard work, dedication and discipline through nutrition, mindset and exercise–a shared philosophy for our foundation as well. The goal is to provide alternatives that will help you feel at your best without the use or need of any substance.


It takes a family, a town, a world—a caring adult

Over the years, I had the opportunity to meet and speak to our youth at local schools and juvenile centers in Richmond, Virginia. In doing this, I came to the realization that to help create solutions we must begin with the adults, the parents. We need to create more education around the disease and create resources that are available to communities, especially the underprivileged. This is how we can help our youth, by focusing on the parents.

Both, my brother Tracy, and I have always felt a sense of concern for our community and wanted to impact our youth in a positive manner. Tracy was known for being a mentor to young kids, he was a role model and despite any troubles he was going through, he was pushing everyone to live their best life.


Loss. And now, a new start.

I lost my brother, Tracy Deon Hairston on August 8, 2020. Tracy was 50 years old; he was a loving father and extraordinary grandfather. I wish I could’ve saved my brother in his bale with alcoholism, along with other family and friends that were baling substance abuse, which is why I am so passionate for this foundation, because together, through this foundation we can save others going through these difficult times and situations.

This foundation is a gift. It cannot bring Tracy home, but it can help to fill the hole that was created when he died. The foundation is his foundation, but it is really all of ours. That is why we will offer comfort and kindness, lessons and loving support for those committed to staying clean.

Today, we are in our beginning stages, but soon we will offer a variety of programs and events that help everyone be the best they can be. Today, we welcome volunteers and monetary donations. We invite new ideas and a sense of commitment, and we hope you will join us and help to introduce the Tracy Deon Hairston Foundation Village of Hope to the world. For now, I am happy to personally fund the foundation. But your help is needed. Because together, we can.

Our Core Values

We aim to keep our community safe, productive, and healthy by providing awareness to all who may be affected by alcohol and drug addiction.

We treat everyone with respect. We treat people equally, stick to commitments, and communicate honestly.


We always strive to do great work. We actively seek community feedback to improve and grow continuously.


We want to make a difference. We always focus on results and how we can create a huge impact to the society.